All About B. Bridges Concept

B-Bridges Concept is a web-based company operated and managed by A-WEB GROUP to provide opportunities for individuals from all works of life who are constrained financially to attain financial freedom and reach their set pedestals. We are registered with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) with registration number-10061. Our aim is to create the BRIDGE (capital) required to lead you to financial freedom. Our BRIDGE is built to take you beyond that financial obstacle in order to reach that place you have long wanted to be and take you there fast. We will get you started and help you keep going. Check FAG and HOW IT WORKS for clear understanding.

Secure Concept

We are aware that the internet is populated heavily with questionable programs because we too have fallen victim of several ones before coming up with this initiative that is aimed at helping people who have big dreams to go pass their financial challenges and achieve their set goals. The Main Concept is to provide a platform for individuals to source capital to finance their PROJECTS- Commercial, Educational of Self helping. That is, YOU GET ACCESS TO INTEREST FREE LOAN WITHOUT COLLATERAL. The system is programmed for you to pay back with ease. We have put in place measures to ensure there is no foul-play and ensure safety of members’ funds. Among the measures are:

  • Registration with the Federal Regulatory body (CAC). This makes us accountable at anytime and all time;
  • Members can dialogue among themselves. This will permit them share experiences on how the program is running with others who may be new, skeptical and apprehensive;
  • No selling of products. No currency trading;
  • Members can withdraw their earnings at anytime EVEN BEFORE TAKING THE LOAN or terminate their account in case of suspicion of foul-play. This make it possible for members to manage their accounts by themselves;
  • The one-up activation charges is affordable. This is unlike most programs that give little back to members. No renewal of activation of account is needed;
  • We have envisaged that some fraudulent members may attempt to scam or cheat in violation of the terms and conditions. As a result, any member suspected, reported and confirmed by our technical department of running foul of our rules will lose all earnings and be banned indefinitely.


Testimonials from members

I started few months ago and within week,i av built ova 300 downline with the help senior members who guide me through the forum. Now i make passive thousands.

Chika Ibeanozie

Thank u b-bridges 4 coming 2 my rescue. I am riding my choice toyota sport car with only 3k investment. Its been refreshing telling my pals about this site cos dey come back thankful.

Abiodun Seun

I like this site very much especially for the dialogue where experienced people mentor new members.its so simple and very rewarding.

Sodiq Hamed